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Tuesday, November 19, 2013
The importance of music on sleep

Medicine: It's no shock that medication may cause sleeplessness. It's advisable to use medication only being a very last resort, then, only with a very minimal basis. Taking it will increase the GABA receptors (GABA-A and GABA-B receptor). insufficient concentration, fatigue, feeling sleepy are some of its symptoms. Frequent early morning awakenings plus more daytime sleepiness are also found in individuals with restrictive lung disease UAE property investment.
It usually occurs because of an mechanical problem in the windpipe, it also can indicate a neurological disorder involving nerve cells (neurons). Do you wish to know the snore symptoms or you want sleepapnea treatment methods. 'Exercise regularly, but don't exercise within six hours of your respective bedtime. Stop your new puppy from barking and also you solve your condition. One more symptom that routinely appears in persons experiencing mixed sleep problem is Chronic heart failure.
So, that is considered an effective treatment by many. You may flip your mattress, or perhaps turn your mattress, though the truth is the mattress will wear with time. But your daytime routines, sleep routine, and physical health also play a role. The consequences of this sleep disorder aren't ordinary. As the connection between alternate work schedule sleep problem can be serious, make an attempt your far better to minimize these effects Turkey property price.
The individual senses that some kind of explosion has occurred nearby, but ultimately realizes it's of their head. Many times a sleep problem can be caused from an ailment or from your medications used to take care of an illness. If melatonin meets your requirements, a medical expert will recommend the best dosage. If you think you're getting a complete nights' sleep, but feel constantly exhausted, sleep apnea may be function as culprit. Unlike the public school system, which identified students with disabilities and accommodated their requirements, students with disabilities contain the responsibility of identifying themselves ' you aren't Brazil property price.
In regards to potential sex differences, the outcome indicate that women and boys with ASD were equally prone to engage in aggression. Avoid physical and watching night time TV - It is advisable in order to avoid any form of physical activities before going to sleep. The risk of sleep problem increases as we grow old as over half of adults over the age of 65 have some sort of sleep problem. Do you have any wellness challenges that could possibly be interfering with sleep. *Arrange a normal sleep schedule and avoid stimulants for example caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013
How long will it take to buy a house ready time

Most home owners are proud of their property and consider it to be an irresistible place that would have the buyers lining up as soon as they put it on sale. Sadly, selling a property is not as easy as it seems and it requires a lot of strategic planning and right timing. If you have had your home on sale for quite some time now and have not had good response even as deals get finalized in the neighborhood, it is certainly not your ill luck that is to be blamed. Instead, you should contemplate on what is lacking at your end that is obstructing the sale of your home. Meanwhile, the tips given below are sure to be of great help -
Maintain presentable exterior and interiors - Every home seller knows this golden rule of staging the home to fetch the best possible price for it. When you initially put up your place for sale, you should clean it up. However, the same condition should be maintained late on so that while making the presentation to buyers even after a few days or weeks, you are confident. Regardless of whether you are getting a steady stream of prospective buyers or not, ensure that your home looks appealing from the outside and the inside. This might cost you a little labor and time, but it will definitely help to sell the property at a good price.
Don't limit the 'showing' time - Make sure that your place is available for showing to the buyers at any time they find convenient, be it early morning or late evening. You have to be flexible in your time to attract maximum buyers.
Price the property right - Right pricing is most essential for attracting genuine buyers. So, see to it that you do not demand an unrealistic price. Study the market trends and inquire around about the prices at which homes are being sold in your locality and correct your asking price accordingly.
Use all available marketing methods - Explore every possible avenue for advertising your home. It is not enough to get your place listed with a real estate agent and wait for him to bring in the prospective buyers. To get maximum exposure, you should draw up a proper marketing plan around the available online and offline advertising avenues.
Engage an experienced and reputable real estate agent - While the services of a realty agent are a must, make sure that you engage an experienced professional who enjoys a good reputation in the region.
Have patience - Most importantly, be patient and do not get frustrated into selling at a lower price than your place deserves.
With a little introspection and smart marketing, you will soon draw in the right buyers for your home and get the desirable price.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013
Explain the electrolyte various detailed

Though a fair-sized number of pre-workout supplements do have an electrolyte mix of some type (blend meaning not only sodium), this can not be claimed for all them. While renewing electrolytes is essential for any workout, they can be especially essential for the kinds that involve a lot of running. This could sound more real if you're working out outdoors on a warm summer day when your physical body is going down electrolytes quickly. For body builder's that are working out in a great, amazing air-conditioned fitness center, the necessity isn't fairly as alarming.
Exactly what Are Electrolytes Anyways Istanbul property?
In a feeling, electrolytes are similar to the motor oil you put into your automobile. It's not what powers your car, however it does keep everything running perfectly and efficiently. What we describe as electrolytes are magnesium, calcium, potassium, salt, phosphate, bicarbonate, chloride, and sulfate. The 4 main ones that assist preserve our body's fluids are potassium, salt, magnesium mineral, and calcium. Every one of these minerals are what we call "ionic" which merely suggests that they can carrying electric power throughout the body for correct performance. When we exercise our physical bodies, we lose several of these minerals via our sweat.
Why Are They Important For Running and Sports?
If you're electrolytes are not properly balanced before a game or a run, there's a good chance that you'll experience faster muscular tissue tiredness and more cramping than your utilized to. This can be anywhere from leg aches, to side and swallow stitches as well. A few various other common signs are queasiness, dark-colored urine, decreased frequency of urinating, foul-smelling breath with a completely dry mouth, completely dry skin, dizziness, muscle spasms and more. Not something you actually intend to be trifling with. The 2 best signs to allow you know of a discrepancy are the frequency of bathroom breaks, and the color of your pee when you go in there. A standard, healthy grownup ought to have a light yellow hue to their urine and be going to the bathroom in between 5-7 times daily Qatar property.
When we sweat, we are mostly losing sodium and potassium. Potassium plays a part in allowing nutrients and liquids to cross your cells membrane layers, which then allows them to continue with their normal functions such as acquiring your muscular tissues. So without the proper quantities, your cells have a difficult time producing strong enough impulses to manage any muscle contractions whatsoever. When the body starts crowdeding, it; s trying to communicate to you that your electrolyte stores are running close to empty. Type of like the your check engine coming on in your vehicles dash. Something is taking place, and should be looked after.
Something To Be Mentioned On Sodium
Consuming salt, and sodium alone will certainly not suffice in assisting your body balance itself out. Sodium by itself triggers water recognition and could result in some less than desirable results like puffinessing of the feet or hands. When taken alone, sodium can actually cause a various response in the body which counteracts the hormone detection system and interrupts the bodies regulation refines. It needs to constantly be eaten with various other participant of the electrolytes family for best outcomes.
3 Pre-Workout Options That Have An Electrolyte Blend:.
With a bit better understanding of exactly what electrolytes are, and what they really do; we could take a look at a couple of various choices for pre-workout supplements that actually have them. A bunch of pre-workouts contain just sodium, yet these couple of I'm concerning to share have an actual mix that your body can cherish and locate valuable. If you're already paying for and making use of a pre-workout supplement, then why not award your body with some added minerals for it's effort? Lets look:Philippines property price.
3 Pre-Workout Supplements With Electrolyte Blends Included:.
MusclePharm Assault.
Gaspari SuperPump.
Force Factor BodyRush.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013
Everyone suffers from mental illness

THIRTY years ago, I was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia. My prognosis was "grave": I would never live independently, hold a job, find a loving partner, get married. My home would be a board-and-care facility, my days spent watching TV in a day room with other people debilitated by mental illness. I would work at menial jobs when my symptoms were quiet. Following my last psychiatric hospitalization at the age of 28, I was encouraged by a doctor to work as a cashier making change. If I could handle that, I was told, we would reassess my ability to hold a more demanding position, perhaps even something full-time.

Then I made a decision. I would write the narrative of my life. Today I am a chaired professor at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. I have an adjunct appointment in the department of psychiatry at the medical school of the University of California, San Diego, and am on the faculty of the New Center for Psychoanalysis. The MacArthur Foundation gave me a genius grant Indonesia property sale.

Although I fought my diagnosis for many years, I came to accept that I have schizophrenia and will be in treatment the rest of my life. Indeed, excellent psychoanalytic treatment and medication have been critical to my success. What I refused to accept was my prognosis.

Conventional psychiatric thinking and its diagnostic categories say that people like me don't exist. Either I don't have schizophrenia (please tell that to the delusions crowding my mind), or I couldn't have accomplished what I have (please tell that to U.S.C.'s committee on faculty affairs). But I do, and I have. And I have undertaken research with colleagues at U.S.C. and U.C.L.A. to show that I am not alone. There are others with schizophrenia and such active symptoms as delusions and hallucinations who have significant academic and professional achievements.

Over the last few years, my colleagues, including Stephen Marder, Alison Hamilton and Amy Cohen, and I have gathered 20 research subjects with high-functioning schizophrenia in Los Angeles. They suffered from symptoms like mild delusions or hallucinatory behavior. Their average age was 40. Half were male, half female, and more than half were minorities. All had high school diplomas, and a majority either had or were working toward college or graduate degrees. They were graduate students, managers, technicians and professionals, including a doctor, lawyer, psychologist and chief executive of a nonprofit group.

At the same time, most were unmarried and childless, which is consistent with their diagnoses. (My colleagues and I intend to do another study on people with schizophrenia who are high-functioning in terms of their relationships. Marrying in my mid-40s - the best thing that ever happened to me - was against all odds, following almost 18 years of not dating.) More than three-quarters had been hospitalized between two and five times because of their illness, while three had never been admitted.

How had these people with schizophrenia managed to succeed in their studies and at such high-level jobs? We learned that, in addition to medication and therapy, all the participants had developed techniques to keep their schizophrenia at bay. For some, these techniques were cognitive. An educator with a master's degree said he had learned to face his hallucinations and ask, "What's the evidence for that? Or is it just a perception problem?" Another participant said, "I hear derogatory voices all the time. ... You just gotta blow them off."

Part of vigilance about symptoms was "identifying triggers" to "prevent a fuller blown experience of symptoms," said a participant who works as a coordinator at a nonprofit group. For instance, if being with people in close quarters for too long can set off symptoms, build in some alone time when you travel with friends.

Other techniques that our participants cited included controlling sensory inputs. For some, this meant keeping their living space simple (bare walls, no TV, only quiet music), while for others, it meant distracting music. "I'll listen to loud music if I don't want to hear things," said a participant who is a certified nurse's assistant. Still others mentioned exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and getting enough sleep. A belief in God and prayer also played a role for some.

One of the most frequently mentioned techniques that helped our research participants manage their symptoms was work. "Work has been an important part of who I am," said an educator in our group. "When you become useful to an organization and feel respected in that organization, there's a certain value in belonging there." This person works on the weekends too because of "the distraction factor." In other words, by engaging in work, the crazy stuff often recedes to the sidelines.

Personally, I reach out to my doctors, friends and family whenever I start slipping, and I get great support from them. I eat comfort food (for me, cereal) and listen to quiet music. I minimize all stimulation. Usually these techniques, combined with more medication and therapy, will make the symptoms pass. But the work piece - using my mind - is my best defense. It keeps me focused, it keeps the demons at bay. My mind, I have come to say, is both my worst enemy and my best friend.

THAT is why it is so distressing when doctors tell their patients not to expect or pursue fulfilling careers. Far too often, the conventional psychiatric approach to mental illness is to see clusters of symptoms that characterize people. Accordingly, many psychiatrists hold the view that treating symptoms with medication is treating mental illness. But this fails to take into account individuals' strengths and capabilities, leading mental health professionals to underestimate what their patients can hope to achieve in the world.

It's not just schizophrenia: earlier this month, The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry posted a study showing that a small group of people who were given diagnoses of autism, a developmental disorder, later stopped exhibiting symptoms. They seemed to have recovered - though after years of behavioral therapy and treatment. A recent New York Times Magazine article described a new company that hires high-functioning adults with autism, taking advantage of their unusual memory skills and attention to detail.

I don't want to sound like a Pollyanna about schizophrenia; mental illness imposes real limitations, and it's important not to romanticize it. We can't all be Nobel laureates like John Nash of the movie "A Beautiful Mind." But the seeds of creative thinking may sometimes be found in mental illness, and people underestimate the power of the human brain to adapt and to create.

An approach that looks for individual strengths, in addition to considering symptoms, could help dispel the pessimism surrounding mental illness. Finding "the wellness within the illness," as one person with schizophrenia said, should be a therapeutic goal. Doctors should urge their patients to develop relationships and engage in meaningful work. They should encourage patients to find their own repertory of techniques to manage their symptoms and aim for a quality of life as they define it. And they should provide patients with the resources - therapy, medication and support - to make these things happen.

"Every person has a unique gift or unique self to bring to the world," said one of our study's participants. She expressed the reality that those of us who have schizophrenia and other mental illnesses want what everyone wants: in the words of Sigmund Freud, to work and to love.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013
business expenses are cutting into our receptionist is pay

A reader writes: real estate property for sale in the Philippines

I’m the office manager for a pretty small office. We hired a receptionist a few months ago who’s really great, always willing to jump in and do whatever needs doing without me having to hold her hand (or even ask sometimes).

She runs a lot of errands for us�"until she came to me recently, I didn’t realize how much it adds up. She does mail runs and gets our boss’s lunch every day, but the boss is always sending her after this or that besides. Two or three times a week, she drives to a store 15 miles away. She came to me recently because the boss won’t comp her for mileage�"when she asked, she said he looked at her like she had three heads and told her she’s still on the clock even though she’s away from the office. But the receptionist showed me a spreadsheet of all her trips during the month of June, and at roughly .15 a mile (depending on gas prices), it added up to over $60. She only makes minimum wage to begin with and gets 32 hours a week buying property in Malaysia.

I told her that I’d see what I could do but that since our boss had already balked, that might unfortunately be nothing. I know your advice is usually that this is the job and you have to decide whether you want it on those terms. But after I got home yesterday, I thought about it and realized that the boss is basically cutting her pay to below minimum. If she can only work there if she makes these runs, and has to pay out of her own pocket, even one mile puts her whole week below minimum wage. Am I right about this? I’d like to talk to the boss about it anyway because this woman deserves some reimbursement, but I’d be doubly concerned if we were actually doing something illegal here.

Please do talk to your boss about it. It’s not reasonable or fair to ask your receptionist to pay the business’s expenses out of her own pocket.

And your boss’s argument that the receptionist is still on the clock even though she’s away from the office doesn’t address the point at all; it doesn’t matter if she’s on or off the clock, because the point is that she’s incurring expenses in service of the business. You might point out to him that it’s very common for businesses to reimburse for mileage, and that most use the IRS mileage reimbursement rate.

As for the legal side of this … Yes, he should be worried there too. While there’s no law requiring reimbursement of business-related expenses (with the exception of some states, like California), if the non-reimbursement takes an employee below minimum wage, there very well could be a violation of the minimum wage requirements. In fact, there was recently a lawsuit over this exact issue: In 2009, Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers sued the chain, alleging that they were deprived of the federal minimum wage as a result of the company’s failure to fully reimburse them for vehicle-related expenses. I can’t find a final outcome to the case yet and think it’s still pending, but given that the case has been found viable enough to make it through four years circulating in the courts, does your boss really want to mess with that house sale in Thailand?

But really, the overall principle here to take to your boss is this: You don’t ask employees to pay the costs of running the business of their own pocket … particularly not someone already the lowest salary level in the office.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013
Hit the embarrassing shirt

Travelling couples having two wear shirts for men and women, is a style similar to those of the red shirts Electronics Recycling.

Makes me glad I didn't wear it today, because the man wearing the dress and I just exactly like that!

Speaking recently in school a lot of people like to wear shirts. Say, alone and I put "Lovers" on no fewer than six, really is a tangle of Ah ~

In fact, my assigned lovers is a blue shirt Piano moving.

It seems that this society has always had this phenomenon, designer clothes a wore a c, b see also to buy a thing. Finally, the DEF to pick up a dress. A clothes end-seem mediocre.

This world is always a lack of personality. Coax character-it's not every day, "I have my young", nor the magazine online the latest clothes, order of effects is not a troublemaker, but-stick to their ideas, does not vary due to foreign objects, which is the ancient Chang Yun "not, not with sorrow".

Everyone is born with genuine, alive, alive into piracy. Everyone has personality at birth, alive, alive with the "common". -This is the tragedy of the times and social tragedy. Because of this, those people with personalities always was known as a Maverick, no personality and is called conformity hk.beauty4good.com/makeup-curriculum.html.

CTD would like you to remember: the self is personality, you are the only brand. Thou shalt clean, but lay their hands on?

My shirt is wear down, no matter how many people hit, whether they like it or not. I just wanted to hang in one self, and that's it.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013
Avoid open daydream dream

Cleaning services
Normally, Sunday is good time to fill the night, no late shackles of the shackles, and don't have to worry about someone laughing at your laziness Qatar property.

My sleep is often not common sense. At six o'clock in the morning of a wave suddenly hit the shady, disturbed, had to open my XING song sleep, first thing is like a mist of soft yarn, under the wind blows, it is like a pebble thrown down pop music takes in the Lake ripples seem absent. I'm not yet out of chaos, but after this scene, the surviving visitors will be a little bit split over temperature. But at this point and there is a strong wind involved, soft yarn as in high frequency operation of smooth silk loom, making gentle but without losing the strength tremor of sound, rhyme, as from a remote distance of swinging in the wind tearing at the flag Istanbul property.

At this point, my sleepiness had completely subsided.

I reach out and gently brush the veil, all rapidly encroaching on my eyes out the window. Low in the sky darkened backdrop, everything seems to be coated with a layer of cold tones. Once in my mind far away from North to South, was finally ready to gradually cooled.

I wanted to, I think they can look into rice fields farther, but instantly a small space around the eye. Only a down-lined eyes from infatuation to the outside world to pull back. I like frogs, beautiful eyes beyond the reach of pastoral, cannot reach a comprehensive Grand, so had to put away his eyes, frozen in the crawl space I Philippines property price.

Chimian roommate last night were like a baby sleeping in their light and rhythmic breathing, air is making quiet, which was solidified. Perhaps so as not to disturb others dreams, or whether he was in love with the quiet in the early morning. Before you know it, I seem to be caught in a quiet Eddy, started dizzy, I can't awake only once again into the deep and infinite daydream dream.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013
Drive a little yellow flower bright

Pink morning light softly extend into the living room curtains, window down a bowl of green "stone flower" in Sunshine exposure is more vibrant domestic helper.
In fact, she's just a nameless little flower, I couldn't help but take home, what some call the "glass flowers" was called "stone flower", and I like to call it the latter, because she looks elegant, elegant and fragrant. She is silently growing up in my house, with my whole days spent in, feel my emotions, I often touch the tender leaves into think about, throw her on the roadside, perhaps wouldn't find out she is so today is green and luxuriant. Thought she was just a bowl of small potted plants, but one day, she was out of the beautiful little yellow gorgeous and unique scoliosis.
Dream, the years went on. How many things there are in the pages of time evolved gradually, in a journey that we don't see them, cherish today all right, don't worry about personal gains and losses, we also kept the lost gains and hopes for the future, I believe that tomorrow the Sun will certainly be even more brilliant ... ...

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Thursday, April 11, 2013
Story of my Brain

I alone, full, in 1986 a pitch-black, pitch-dark winter night pets boarding.

I'm mighty, was pushed in front of a large branch in his right hand, left hand is pulled behind a large branch, crashed crashed on return home jigenglu, toss out a few miles outside can hear. I was 13 years old, this courageous night approaches, but take quite a sweat, whole body sweating in a minute. I walk around thinking, if there is a dog wagging its tail, accompanied me to school just fine.

When his family was poor, food and clothing, where a dog? After 3 years, I entered secondary school, back from winter vacation, mother had back from the field was a little black dog. Little one about 2 month, full body black find a Soke, but got a sick cat, she was unsteady and unstable. Family waiting for me to give it a name, I thought about it, or is it Brain.

Little one poor, I hide from my family, from next year's living expenses squeeze 6.8 Yuan to buy a pack of milk powder every night, secretly give it dashed into a bowl. Evening northwest wind blow blonds, my heart is hard, several times to get up in the Middle, touch the stove under the kennel, Brain freeze or not. After a heavy snow, I quietly held her own in the middle of the bed, the breathing look weak to sleep.

Less than half a month, under the Brain in my carefully nursed back to, grow up to be a fat little ball, all day long and I inseparable.

Very human Brain, my church it upright like a person, with both of his front paws to give people scrape; it put his front paws on the side of the Church to the people salute, then put another one of his front paws members shook hands, making people laugh; it's sensitive, anything to make it smell, hidden deep again, you can get in. Most important is to teach something it can't help yourself to strangers, which is a measure of a good dog, I win some honours a dog's markers, Brain was starving, casually eating nature repeatedly negligent, but we think it was a good dog.

Winter break ends, I go to school, write home to their family members, I was not greeted, a piece of paper are asking what does a dog look. The sister replied, it began to grow into a tall, strong, dark, shiny guard dogs, sent my sister to school every morning and evening under sister home, sister was a classmate to bully, just slightly schematic, on the front of the Brain, showed its teeth to the, till each other be for mercy. Brain also makes family proud in the village, several kuanghou to make it into a stranger in the village of leg trembling with fright, for two months, the village where no thief stealing things, it seems to have turned into a dog.

Return of the summer, I'm carrying a large bag appeared at the entrance, some terrorist barking get my scalp numbness, looked up and saw a large black dog stands loftily on the hillside, xiongshi Quartet, followed by black lightning to kill me will come along. I panicked when it has rushed to the front, but I continually toss its head and tail, although know Brain grew up in the letter, but seeing the fierce black dog in front, I still can't believe it was used around Brain lap up milk.

This summer is happy and short, like a very short, very short poems.

I cut firewood in the mountains, Brain became a hunting dog. There are noises in the bushes, it is black lightning go, pheasant and a multicolored feathers flutter flutter cheering frightened to fly, I fly, fly all the way to the mountain side. Sometimes it's a little gray rabbit, bounce, and quickly disappeared into the dense forest. I just cut my firewood, as usual, Brain is to catch up with, tired and did not catch prey, it would be doing something wrong baby, quietly came to me, pleasing me could no longer wagged its tail.

One day, I put in the River, wire mesh, Brain left me, finds its prey, it quietly potential bank run in the grass. A small myna bird learning to fly, stumbled in running at low altitude, it flew close to the Brain, suddenly as an arrow shot out, a poor little bugs bunny into his mouth, that moment of speed and dexterity than leopards. I was stunned, but even more surprised a bunch of Bugs Bunny does not know from where to fly out around Brain Twitter bark. Brain insouciance to swallowing with, a only bugs bunny dive down, Peck to Brain of eyes, Brain jump open has, also Qi、bazhi Bugs Bunny together from mid-air dive down, wings beat, tip mess Peck, with with shrieking of blame calls, Brain which see had this line-up for, left I turn on run, that a bunch of Bugs Bunny throat, in low air Chase with it not residence circled, not residence screaming, like black of spell tightly to wrapped around with it. Catch fish I have ever had, up the coast, they saw those birds catch a large dog run in the fields until the invisible shadow.

This afternoon, our family is not found around the Brain, dark make it home and pecked at the body over more than 10 broken, blood, mud and grass stuck together, and out of the way. If I'm not seen it, I can't believe in the works of Chekov's the sparrows in the Brain got pirated. It has paid the price for their reckless and delicious.

Since then, the Brain is like a spell, all the previously mighty likeness, retreat, even calls doesn't work.

Next spring the weather, flowers going back home are better than which year, snow-white pear blossoms, pink peach blossom, golden yellow rape flowers, mountains and in its dark red rhododendrons, mighty, flooding and the eyes of those who have smoked flavor, head swollen, legs become weak. When heavy rain after the hetang float full of pollen and water became a perfume, it is most likely a mad dog seasonal in a year, dogs drink dog eyes were Dim after perfume is full of pollen.

Sure enough, the bad news coming from the adjacent villages, two dogs crazy bites 7 people, 8 pigs, 9 sheep, chickens, ducks and numerous. I'm anxious miles school, and wrote some letters home, parents, sister, beware of someone else's dog, keep an eye on his dog. Father with a piece of rope tied bovine Brain in the yard, but this retreat in the evening, even the cries are silent dogs chew through the ropes, had escaped from the envelopes the dog holes. Escape mix Brain and a neighboring village after the dogs together, it may be in estrus in the spring, maybe it's really crazy, barking every night in the mountains, called dogs in unison, whistling wild, folks at the door are not out. Dog teams are sent by the County, a village in village raids, beaten dog running dog jumping, dog blood dripping, but the Brain is difficult to hit. Township leaders to come and do his father's ideological work, Brain limited father three days out, it's unleashing of dogs attack, to take his father's primary school headmaster.

Father holding his mother and sister, who made a living in the shit hole with a rope, even the half bow on the trunk. Research on the Brain has just put his head in the Middle, has trapped you into the air, alive and hanged himself on a tree.

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Saturday, March 09, 2013
She's Here! Introducing: Kendra Mae

    7lbs 12oz 20 inches long. All perfectly healthy and doing wonderful.

    I guess I can do a re-cap of yesterday. I mean after all, it was an amazing day!

    We arrived at the hospital at 5am just like we were told. I couldn't sleep hardly a wink that night and so I was up at 2:30 am and just waiting around. I was rather quite nervous and literally almost made myself sick that night. Anyways, we got up to the hospital and right before we even got hooked up to the moniters the nurse said that it wouldn't be at 7 (my c-section) that it would actually be around 9:30am. Erg! Apparently, a lady came in with twins who was 4cm dialated and was a repeat c-section so they had to take her first. Yes, I was upset but then again...that lady and her babies came first and I completely understood.

    Around 7:15 they started prepping me. I was rather confused and said we still have 2 and a half hours what's going on? The nurse told me...no we have less than an hour and your doctor is quick. Sure enough, by 8:15 am, I was in that OR room and ready to go. I remember everything. The spinal block wasn't as bad as I was letting it get to me. The whole procedure wasn't bad to be completely honest. I felt tugging and some pressure and the next thing I knew...we had a baby.

    She didn't cry at first but then screamed the entire time. She is beautiful. Head full of dark brown hair and is a spitting image of her brother! She had to stay extra few hours in the nursery because she couldn't regulate her body temp but now she has been with us. She is a natural at nursing. It's been wonderful. I'm currently trying to wake her and talk about hard waking a sleepy newborn. She has had 6 black diapers and is currently spitting up the fluid she swallowed on her way out. Other than that, she is a perfectly laid back kid!

    Today, is when we told all our friends that they could come up and see her. I suspect it will be a busy day with lots of people in and out. It's pretty amazing what a solid 4 hours can do to a person! Oh it was so nice sleeping on my back again and being able to breathe!

    I will update more pictures later. As for me...I'm gonna try to catch some sleep.

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