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Thursday, June 20, 2013
Hit the embarrassing shirt

Travelling couples having two wear shirts for men and women, is a style similar to those of the red shirts Electronics Recycling.

Makes me glad I didn't wear it today, because the man wearing the dress and I just exactly like that!

Speaking recently in school a lot of people like to wear shirts. Say, alone and I put "Lovers" on no fewer than six, really is a tangle of Ah ~

In fact, my assigned lovers is a blue shirt Piano moving.

It seems that this society has always had this phenomenon, designer clothes a wore a c, b see also to buy a thing. Finally, the DEF to pick up a dress. A clothes end-seem mediocre.

This world is always a lack of personality. Coax character-it's not every day, "I have my young", nor the magazine online the latest clothes, order of effects is not a troublemaker, but-stick to their ideas, does not vary due to foreign objects, which is the ancient Chang Yun "not, not with sorrow".

Everyone is born with genuine, alive, alive into piracy. Everyone has personality at birth, alive, alive with the "common". -This is the tragedy of the times and social tragedy. Because of this, those people with personalities always was known as a Maverick, no personality and is called conformity hk.beauty4good.com/makeup-curriculum.html.

CTD would like you to remember: the self is personality, you are the only brand. Thou shalt clean, but lay their hands on?

My shirt is wear down, no matter how many people hit, whether they like it or not. I just wanted to hang in one self, and that's it.

Posted at 07:05 pm by oranguboy


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