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Monday, January 14, 2013
Don't wait for the one you love is good

Girlfriend this jobs  thing is actually a ruined man, I have written an article, named " close friend are poisonous weeds ". Of course, those who grab your man sleeping with your husband 's not your close friend, I mean those in your single period just to be with you, and you grow together with partners. I mean: if you always with close friend, the sisters together, we map a relaxed, warm, convenient, fun, and each delay, while enjoyable, while complaining about where to find reliable man, wait until the others imperceptibly with infants to feel more lonely, you say, they are office interior design poisonous weeds?

Girlfriend's significance is: you had lost or difficult times, you share together youth, you participate in each other's growth and progress. Especially when you are suffering -- whether economic difficulties or disease or various spiritual pain, such as love or lonely, at least they care about you, care of you, encourage you, comfort you. We have many times by alcohol to tears on his girlfriend 's shoulder ah, how many times called hot just to make her before going to bed, not so sad.

But negative emotions it is likely, especially if they know their own grief when there will be love and comfort when. Although hurt you are a person, to comfort you is another person. If it is every time carry their own past, then the heart will be a little bit hard. And friends, let you maintain a soft heart important elements. Can you not to those who hurt you then to be at a loss what to do with the people who care about you unlimited shamelessly ... ...

That I have a friend, love is very painful, that hurt her man has disappeared in life, but I hate this followed by a period. Most lovelorn people will ask why, then reluctant to friends there asked the reason -- in short, she will call the middle of the night to talk, she will date his one group after another close friend, ask them to comfort myself, analysis of antecedents and consequences, aimless and dilute sorrow, ask for a drink with seek ... ... In fact, the reason she knew, but is unable to extricate oneself. If the misery and weakness for more care, so why not?

So girls, on other painful girlfriend that appropriate care and comfort is enough. If the baby she go, was equal to that had spoilt her. She'll never go out with a miserable state exists in your life. The jilted girlfriend, then everyone is afraid of her. For every phone without an hour hanging continuously, each party must have to repeat the tragedy of the story as the beginning and the end. This era who do not have their own problems, but irresponsible out everyone to watch and help, it would be too shameless.

Later a direct cummer says: " you will go, all the more to persuade you, the worse you. To all the people are tired, no one for you, you can sense a better eye eyebrow alone, that is interesting? "

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