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Thursday, April 11, 2013
Story of my Brain

I alone, full, in 1986 a pitch-black, pitch-dark winter night pets boarding.

I'm mighty, was pushed in front of a large branch in his right hand, left hand is pulled behind a large branch, crashed crashed on return home jigenglu, toss out a few miles outside can hear. I was 13 years old, this courageous night approaches, but take quite a sweat, whole body sweating in a minute. I walk around thinking, if there is a dog wagging its tail, accompanied me to school just fine.

When his family was poor, food and clothing, where a dog? After 3 years, I entered secondary school, back from winter vacation, mother had back from the field was a little black dog. Little one about 2 month, full body black find a Soke, but got a sick cat, she was unsteady and unstable. Family waiting for me to give it a name, I thought about it, or is it Brain.

Little one poor, I hide from my family, from next year's living expenses squeeze 6.8 Yuan to buy a pack of milk powder every night, secretly give it dashed into a bowl. Evening northwest wind blow blonds, my heart is hard, several times to get up in the Middle, touch the stove under the kennel, Brain freeze or not. After a heavy snow, I quietly held her own in the middle of the bed, the breathing look weak to sleep.

Less than half a month, under the Brain in my carefully nursed back to, grow up to be a fat little ball, all day long and I inseparable.

Very human Brain, my church it upright like a person, with both of his front paws to give people scrape; it put his front paws on the side of the Church to the people salute, then put another one of his front paws members shook hands, making people laugh; it's sensitive, anything to make it smell, hidden deep again, you can get in. Most important is to teach something it can't help yourself to strangers, which is a measure of a good dog, I win some honours a dog's markers, Brain was starving, casually eating nature repeatedly negligent, but we think it was a good dog.

Winter break ends, I go to school, write home to their family members, I was not greeted, a piece of paper are asking what does a dog look. The sister replied, it began to grow into a tall, strong, dark, shiny guard dogs, sent my sister to school every morning and evening under sister home, sister was a classmate to bully, just slightly schematic, on the front of the Brain, showed its teeth to the, till each other be for mercy. Brain also makes family proud in the village, several kuanghou to make it into a stranger in the village of leg trembling with fright, for two months, the village where no thief stealing things, it seems to have turned into a dog.

Return of the summer, I'm carrying a large bag appeared at the entrance, some terrorist barking get my scalp numbness, looked up and saw a large black dog stands loftily on the hillside, xiongshi Quartet, followed by black lightning to kill me will come along. I panicked when it has rushed to the front, but I continually toss its head and tail, although know Brain grew up in the letter, but seeing the fierce black dog in front, I still can't believe it was used around Brain lap up milk.

This summer is happy and short, like a very short, very short poems.

I cut firewood in the mountains, Brain became a hunting dog. There are noises in the bushes, it is black lightning go, pheasant and a multicolored feathers flutter flutter cheering frightened to fly, I fly, fly all the way to the mountain side. Sometimes it's a little gray rabbit, bounce, and quickly disappeared into the dense forest. I just cut my firewood, as usual, Brain is to catch up with, tired and did not catch prey, it would be doing something wrong baby, quietly came to me, pleasing me could no longer wagged its tail.

One day, I put in the River, wire mesh, Brain left me, finds its prey, it quietly potential bank run in the grass. A small myna bird learning to fly, stumbled in running at low altitude, it flew close to the Brain, suddenly as an arrow shot out, a poor little bugs bunny into his mouth, that moment of speed and dexterity than leopards. I was stunned, but even more surprised a bunch of Bugs Bunny does not know from where to fly out around Brain Twitter bark. Brain insouciance to swallowing with, a only bugs bunny dive down, Peck to Brain of eyes, Brain jump open has, also Qi态bazhi Bugs Bunny together from mid-air dive down, wings beat, tip mess Peck, with with shrieking of blame calls, Brain which see had this line-up for, left I turn on run, that a bunch of Bugs Bunny throat, in low air Chase with it not residence circled, not residence screaming, like black of spell tightly to wrapped around with it. Catch fish I have ever had, up the coast, they saw those birds catch a large dog run in the fields until the invisible shadow.

This afternoon, our family is not found around the Brain, dark make it home and pecked at the body over more than 10 broken, blood, mud and grass stuck together, and out of the way. If I'm not seen it, I can't believe in the works of Chekov's the sparrows in the Brain got pirated. It has paid the price for their reckless and delicious.

Since then, the Brain is like a spell, all the previously mighty likeness, retreat, even calls doesn't work.

Next spring the weather, flowers going back home are better than which year, snow-white pear blossoms, pink peach blossom, golden yellow rape flowers, mountains and in its dark red rhododendrons, mighty, flooding and the eyes of those who have smoked flavor, head swollen, legs become weak. When heavy rain after the hetang float full of pollen and water became a perfume, it is most likely a mad dog seasonal in a year, dogs drink dog eyes were Dim after perfume is full of pollen.

Sure enough, the bad news coming from the adjacent villages, two dogs crazy bites 7 people, 8 pigs, 9 sheep, chickens, ducks and numerous. I'm anxious miles school, and wrote some letters home, parents, sister, beware of someone else's dog, keep an eye on his dog. Father with a piece of rope tied bovine Brain in the yard, but this retreat in the evening, even the cries are silent dogs chew through the ropes, had escaped from the envelopes the dog holes. Escape mix Brain and a neighboring village after the dogs together, it may be in estrus in the spring, maybe it's really crazy, barking every night in the mountains, called dogs in unison, whistling wild, folks at the door are not out. Dog teams are sent by the County, a village in village raids, beaten dog running dog jumping, dog blood dripping, but the Brain is difficult to hit. Township leaders to come and do his father's ideological work, Brain limited father three days out, it's unleashing of dogs attack, to take his father's primary school headmaster.

Father holding his mother and sister, who made a living in the shit hole with a rope, even the half bow on the trunk. Research on the Brain has just put his head in the Middle, has trapped you into the air, alive and hanged himself on a tree.

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