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Monday, January 14, 2013
Don't wait for the one you love is good

Girlfriend this jobs  thing is actually a ruined man, I have written an article, named " close friend are poisonous weeds ". Of course, those who grab your man sleeping with your husband 's not your close friend, I mean those in your single period just to be with you, and you grow together with partners. I mean: if you always with close friend, the sisters together, we map a relaxed, warm, convenient, fun, and each delay, while enjoyable, while complaining about where to find reliable man, wait until the others imperceptibly with infants to feel more lonely, you say, they are office interior design poisonous weeds?

Girlfriend's significance is: you had lost or difficult times, you share together youth, you participate in each other's growth and progress. Especially when you are suffering -- whether economic difficulties or disease or various spiritual pain, such as love or lonely, at least they care about you, care of you, encourage you, comfort you. We have many times by alcohol to tears on his girlfriend 's shoulder ah, how many times called hot just to make her before going to bed, not so sad.

But negative emotions it is likely, especially if they know their own grief when there will be love and comfort when. Although hurt you are a person, to comfort you is another person. If it is every time carry their own past, then the heart will be a little bit hard. And friends, let you maintain a soft heart important elements. Can you not to those who hurt you then to be at a loss what to do with the people who care about you unlimited shamelessly ... ...

That I have a friend, love is very painful, that hurt her man has disappeared in life, but I hate this followed by a period. Most lovelorn people will ask why, then reluctant to friends there asked the reason -- in short, she will call the middle of the night to talk, she will date his one group after another close friend, ask them to comfort myself, analysis of antecedents and consequences, aimless and dilute sorrow, ask for a drink with seek ... ... In fact, the reason she knew, but is unable to extricate oneself. If the misery and weakness for more care, so why not?

So girls, on other painful girlfriend that appropriate care and comfort is enough. If the baby she go, was equal to that had spoilt her. She'll never go out with a miserable state exists in your life. The jilted girlfriend, then everyone is afraid of her. For every phone without an hour hanging continuously, each party must have to repeat the tragedy of the story as the beginning and the end. This era who do not have their own problems, but irresponsible out everyone to watch and help, it would be too shameless.

Later a direct cummer says: " you will go, all the more to persuade you, the worse you. To all the people are tired, no one for you, you can sense a better eye eyebrow alone, that is interesting? "

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013
In the next life

Hand in hand hand, in the afterlife!

Count the flowers, that year, that day, our love tramp over mountains and through ravines trek, grasping the trembling heart and forever promise, firm declaration of love and eternal innocence, hand help shoulder snuggle through love river.

You use my smile records be deeply attached to each other memories, I used to write you a love pledge of another, far distance, and did not make you my feelings become indifferent, hand in hand with a road, phase in foam, understanding of each other 's preferences. Remote watching, listening, you my laughter, red carry, never abandon!

Away from the noise of the earth, you give me heaven, apricot blossom flowers, incense, springs Ding Dong, I like the dust off the world angel, hold you I love romantic, affectionate smile, don't care if you understand my meaning, I pray, my heart like your heart, you can understand me!

This is an acquaintance of happiness, this is a love to meet Joy, this life you are my only shear constant care, this life you are my heart forever erase legend. Forever forever love, silently, quietly understand, silently in my heart full of greetings, waved his hand, let the grass lingering, fall river front, fluttering becomes the most warm air.

Real love, do not need to camouflage, feeling is not a game, no acting. This is a field across the universe of time and care, love deeply, want earnestly, if the same song forever also cannot sing love songs, since ancient times cannot sing beautiful mv. The remotest corners of the globe with each other, with true seal with memory, forever the flowers open tender.

The days and the sea, water and fish together, sand and stone compatibility, sea wave and accompanying, I fell in love with you, this feeling, is not a barrier! This study, alpine cannot! This water, intimate, space-time cannot shackles. Love as candy, stick to each other's heart, love as silk, there have all kinds of connections with entanglement.

Remote vibration sky, I put all the love in your hands, look at you in the direction of happiness, chew in three thousand, drowning, and you just take me a gourd of water, the dream has never, I only dream of you once every morning and evening, night and day by day Xiangshou relative rhinoceros; every night, never abandon in life and death.

The ten interlocking, on you my promise to the end of life, heart to heart is, tied with you my love. Life is not all thoughts, a dedication, to each other: " the end of life in the afterlife, xu ... ...! "

Posted at 02:51 pm by oranguboy
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Thursday, December 13, 2012
Sour memories of the ancient village

Home village, and childhood playmate talked with the novelty of the change of life, memories hometown endemic innocent recounts childhood is to stay in the heart of memory, recalling the impoverished rural revive gradually fade away in the long river of history, looking for forward the message disappear in a wide range of rural life. Children with frightened eyes looked at our joy, Although it is not the "boss back I left home, my accent no change gray hair", but "the children meet strangers, laughing to ask guests where" strange . Could not help but pick up around the toddler, actually Aoao burst into tears, the handsome wife quickly handing me a small rattle gently shaking, sent waves of crisp sound air conditioner cleaning.
A tone toggle deposited in the bottom of my heart that rattle the feelings that month!
Then the village, the road is bumpy, and bazaar distant occlusion. The very twilight, anxiously scan the horizon less than the big people go early to go to the market on the store's figure standing on the end of the village high above the brick kilns.
The lack of substance, indelible hearts desire. Delicious snacks you can eat, is keen to push the shelf car in a neighboring village, the old man, just listen to "Thunk bang, bang boom ......" sound of a rattle, the children will follow closely behind. A worn gray dial waves sheepskin drumhead, both sides decorated with two projectiles, drum under the handle, watching his skilled rotating drum handle swinging projectile bursts of crying, "jelly beans, melon seeds in exchange for not ? "Li Gao sugar, maltose or else?" needlework board, the sole line, spend Tousheng buy did not? "metal scraps tune Oh" "balloons, toys to buy not?" accompanied by the sound of bang boom, bang boom ... "ring percussion hearts dream.
The front of the shelf car on a red wooden box, and support from the cover, a charming little Muxia neatly placed inside filled with colorful items. Woman go around, looking for their own lack of needlework buttons like items. The kids will get some the worn plastic film, bottles, cartons ... for snacks, for small plastic horns ...... baby relish watching others eating, saliva could not help but to flow down. The listening "Ula Ula sound, the feeling is a surprise. The mothers who ripped off a section of the flowers and leaves of Tousheng, Zhaqi baby girl that disheveled hair, looked they Huantiao leave, the smile of joy reflected in the face. "Wise guy" Lee always come up with an egg in exchange for some a lot of snacks, from time to time the tall wheat haystack hiding in the village after secretly eating, watching envious he will not quite willing to give each of us points a candy. Also thought to be able to "steal" eggs for some snacks to severe heart is fearful mother eyes, feared broken soles slapping ass fiercely.
The wheat haystack a seat connected together, that is our natural playground. Wheat haystack head at will made with sorghum rod winnow blocked off to prevent the feeding of chicken scratch pigs bite. These places become hide and seek good place
Aluminum window repair.
An unintentional experience left a sour memory. I panic and hid in a wheat haystack head, suddenly looking at someone's old hens nest in there quietly, bird and old hens slightly cocked tail, squat with face simmering flushed, a red egg rolled down from the tail feathers. The excitement I got two steps ran up that old hen chance to show off their credit terrified open wings legs and ran quickly ran to a far. ...... A warm egg clutched in my small hands, his hands cover up, watching the kids have not been able to find my hiding here. Wandered home to his mother? Eat snacks or left to change it?
This is a "blessing", "windfall. The ear not help that rattle sound sound sounded mouth also remnants of the "wise guy" to the sinking, the smell of jelly beans. Why should not I use this to pick up eggs for some candy? - It is so decided.
However, the eggs do not take home to let the mother know that it is not their own. It exactly where to hide it? The tall wheat haystack eyes, how I can not hide it in the wheat haystack. I kept thinking, hand wheat haystack and pulled out a small hole in front of the still warm eggs into them. Spent in the straw on the ground to re-sealed the holes in the hole of the following, to pick up a few bricks, and marked to prevent the will of their own place to forget. In fact, this is superfluous move that rattle sound sounded anxious wait, place eggs hidden little mind from time to time emerge. Later to hold the eggs never have not forgotten that hole.
With this unexpected surprise, my footsteps often hovering in the wheat haystack head. Is it really possible to find hopes of finding some eggs, there are often a few eggs lying quietly inside my little hole.
The sound of a rattle sounded the moment, I am frightened to come up with an egg, when the old man is about to be out of the entrance to the village for some snacks and toys to. Hiding in the tall wheat haystack head, bittersweet salty savor. Until the mother has the time to pile head to pick up the straw I found his mouth bulging, hard candy I stole one old man, carrying my hot ears to confrontation with the old man, and know that I take the eggs in exchange for. Without any explanation to say is that I "stole" take home the eggs burst scold burst beatings burst crying ... mother gradually calmed down. Watching one after another from the small hole, took out an egg, the mother's eyes filled with tears of grief.
"Le Gavroche" through the mother heard my mother in a lesson to me, eyes full of doubts. Muttering less on a few of their own eggs is not sometimes what seems to understand. The home burst of beat, the Li Tong truthfully tell Ins and Outs "steal" take the egg thing
Domestic helpers.
Once again hear the sound of a rattle, knock in mind bursts of pain, far looked at the old man's departure, Qieqie longer around that next to the shelf car ...
Away from his hometown that rattle sound gradually misty. Poor village is gradually changing the car's siren and horn sound resounded through the village, a vehicle of a new logistics vehicles brought to the village rich material. The shaking rattle the old man had left the earth, the people in the village gradually faded away from the acoustic sound of that period. When I walk in the hustle and bustle of the city, a thundering sound drowned out the sound of the rattle's sound childhood dream. Suddenly hear a small rattle ears sounded, once the laughter, the sour memories are still rising a touch of sadness in the heart.

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Saturday, December 08, 2012
The spectators

The past can make a hangover from whose eyes, Yun whose heart

Only the overdrive earthly one of the spectators, the mouth light Shu, occasionally Xing of the appreciate, nor in the field of human society.

Occasionally, in some eyes in shadow, but be careless with, Qing Huang Zhen song laugh, this, and what do I 'm just a spectator, witnessed the scene in sorrow and joy conversion, is just like the seasons, or the vicissitudes.

Hing to enjoy the view, it turns eyes, let the world of breeze or wind, dust and surface, and what relationship is from wind and rain, rain go to idle, casually up, grabbing the sleeves, Shan to sit when inadvertently infected with the dust, as flowers blossom wilt, Ren Yun Yun to.

My mind is gone, his rambling. The things of this world is nothing but the play in the background, age, time, also but a pale color, the color and fabric. Once the March fireworks, also is the meteor, flashy, but a true dream. If true, is the fabric, leaving traces, smoked, not stripping mottle. All the good words, difficult also interspersed into fresh aesthetic.

I is one of the audience. Even if the time to, contracted and wind, I also don't compromise. Everyone has his own stubborn insistence.

Circadian change, passing of night, a sky, was staged scenes, the play. Mo sigh for it, not for its sorrow, sorrow and not for the interference, saying: I the spectators, and my He Gan

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Saturday, December 01, 2012
Snow conditions

Autumn wind bleak, appreciating the fence, gaze into the distance.

This expectation and waiting posture, fixed in autumn and winterMoving Companies at the junction of old, year after year, long, long time Moving company.

Childhood, I am looking forward to your arrival. At that time, you come to play with me, happy, happy, be light of heart from care.

But, now, your mood and the past is different, have a kind of mature, eager to emotion, also have a little shy. So, have year after year clinging hope.

When you are in a foreign country to fall, I will envy, I will be sad, I will let the seasonal wind to tell you, I am waiting for you.

We meet in the season is coming, I anxiously await, impatient, more urgent.

And somehow, over the years, she always be long in coming, some say, now is the winter, perhaps she is not adapted to the climate.

Yes, I like your character, you are stubborn in cold winter.

However, I also love you durian.

Your dance, and sometimes crazy hot, swept across the earth is deep autumn, seem to blow away the earth red, let the world become a white.

Your dance, sometimes gentle romance, in a windless days, you slowly open, slowly falling, on my shoulder. When you leave me in the face of the time, but became little drops of water, gently with my naughty and lively playing sentimental romance.

You often drive on my windowsill, and I said softly through the window, just the two of us can listen to the whisper. When the night falls, you to my window open with their, dotted with my lonely night.

And you waltzed plain style, danced in the winter woods dream dance, ice the following thoughts, dance tip on blooming Saussurea, dancing a people holy longing.

When you stop dancing time, is the billow, full of boundless.

In life, there are many waiting. Waiting for the opportunity, waiting for the happiness, waiting for a romantic lover. While I was waiting for her coming season, year in and year out.

Spring, looked at the pink flower, but I think her Blossom White petals.

Summer, in the thick of the shade of a tree, looking at the green leaves, but I think her in the open pine charm www.pontiwinecellars.com.hk/red-wine.html.

Autumn, people harvest gold, but I want to let her white beautiful shine.

I really don't know, so the wait, in my life, the process will have a few times, I cherish this waiting.

But, I can collect your natural beauty, so, I had to put on the branches you as my background; the whirling with you as my background; the field on the crystal holy are you as my background; put your silver spray as my background; oxygen into my life hk.23799298.com/moving-services.html.

When spring comes, we meet the season is over. You have put our gentle, our romantic, our passion, quietly dissolved into streams, into the river, into the earth, it was subsumed into the grass and flowers of the法國紅�' body, let us meet, continuation of each season, the sentiment to the long, never old.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012
A small river, the missing years

Also remember very little time, not far from home in a place with a small brook, river sides is natural grass and wild flowers, tiny spots open is dazzling.

Still remember when the river is very clear, slightly cold, use the hand to touch the very comfortable, in the river not far above the ground lived three families, we call them tri village, next to a big fruit, fruit nearest Creek, we call " jelly fruit tree, it " the tree crooked engraved with three characters, " tri village ", and its fruit is very good, there is the core in a similar, solid, sweet, there is a hint of fragrance.

Although there's still some distance, but as long as we don't class will go there, even going to climb a very steep slope, but were always enjoy it, always play very play come back, will they get dirty, returned home a scolding.

Every time I go to the tri village, if the ripe fruits in the US will not let go, remember again, now think of it is also funny and worry, team. A little boy climbed up a tree to give us fruit, but because there is no attention to the tree has an ant packet, not careful into it, the moment the ants fell below, we are to escape, but in the man in the tree out of luck, the ants fell in the tree four escape, fell on his side or on a lot of ants are not polite to give him a gift, he is in the tree and cry also called, suddenly do not know how down, jump and dare not jump, only in the top side beat ant cried, finally a man pass by hold him down, since then he has for a long time are afraid to climb the tree, it is the times gave him significant sequelae.

There are a lot of Fish Creek, we love to catch one is called " big fish ", and the crab shrimp, shrimp noisy out gets crispy, is my favorite, but my mom and dad often told us not to, because sometimes the water is deep in some places, but how we listen? Always secretly run to take a shower, catch shrimp fish.

The river some places would have big glossy stone, we take a shower when I like hiding behind a rock, sometimes the body against the stone, slightly cocked feet, hands slightly support, a slightly suspended in the water, so feel very comfortable also very stimulating, originally not swim to the us so a few water out of their own to explore, sometimes looking for a deeper pool to wash, can one drill to the bottom, have a good will come out of that time, who in most of the time who is the most powerful.

It is also small, so a lot of time our men and women in a pool take a shower, we girls dressed boys pants, some will take off clothes, everyone in the battle, than the speed, really happy, washed and made good after some sitting on a rock, some lying on the lawn, etc. The clothes trousers dry almost, is chased after to home.

The river is relatively small when, we will go over the stones, because some from the water near the stones have crabs, small stones, the following will be small crabs, large rock will have big crab, at that time was very large, even a little crab can use hand to catch, but sometimes not careful or it will be a folder to large, or very ache, but others help to take down and begin to catch, when courage in girls when is it really can be used to describe the defy laws human and divine.

In the rainy season the river rises, and bracken many times, we went to play, can always pick a handful of back to nature in growth, the real thing, some banks will have the leech, the leech as a stick will throw away, but I have a family, every time will take some salt, as long as the leech on just a little salt, the leech is immediately dead, it will become more and more small, then have a pool of blood with water, but there are more mischievous child, will not stick tight leech catch down, and then use a small stick it from in to outside turned out too far, drying in the underground, he soon died.

The some place will grow a lot of somewhat similar to sunflower yellow, a piece of the bloom, very good, in addition to shore drive with every kind of flower, be riotous with colour attracted many butterflies.

River & butterflies are gathering in crowds and groups, some only a few dozen, some hundreds of thousands, is more, but most are small yellow butterfly, quietly stopped at the shore, the two wings of light fan, is like the sky twinkle star blinked, and when they're scared all the time to fly, the picture is very beautiful, that kind of beauty is sometimes not with words can describe it, the picture into a beautiful scenery, quietly hidden in the heart.

We are a little bit bigger day picnic, because the former is relatively small, so the home people do not rest assured that we in the ignition, even where there is water and can't, on the junior high school after the home is not opposed, we will with rice and some pots and pans, left material, a next to the river for a picnic.

The dish, make a little fish, turning point crab, our meal is finished, clean our abstract Diamondback, take a pot of boiling. Clean the fish and shrimp in hot pepper, salt and other left material, with leaves wrapped up in layers, let into our prior burned carbon, in put the fire out, waiting for smell coming from, almost can take out, we called it " the package burn-in ".

The taste, although no top, but never the one and only, put around our slobber all turn out, and then all finished, a small field together, began to slice and dice, soon to eat light, where, even if not very good to eat, but every people eat eat with appetite, sometimes a " cry and shed bitter tears ", because the style is too hot, then is a laugh, who is all around, hold for a long time.

Sometimes go for a picnic, just really corn to harvest season, when we eat our own cooking, there will be someone to pick more corn corn in back, and then directly cast into the still burning fire, if the fire is not big enough, when the next branch, a few lost in, the fire rapidly burning, eat corn after we face are dark, clean water, to put out the fire, knocking back home, beautiful and happy day ended, playing very happy when sleep is laughing.

At that time, we are very simple, very easy to meet, not to think too much, always feel down and others top, as long as we eat and play it, those who would want to be out of order?

After a few years, we occasionally go for a picnic, but the clear brook no longer had, originally is not small stream now only a little water, a little stream called, small streams, around don't see chrysanthemum, butterfly, grass flowers, everything not exist. Replace sb. Is garbage, dead, dead grass and so on, and in shore not large tracts of PP is large tracts of other fruit trees, the beautiful scenery and we can happy to play all the place is in.

Look at that small streams, I always can not help but sigh, is it right? Our life will be like the river, maybe we will have a beautiful time, but in the end we will wither die, or that will and the creek instead, we had no He Jiaoguan dry land, because we constant into a long, hard, finally will change as the beginning, the surrounding flowers in full bloom, green grass at around, butterfly, slowly formed a beautiful eternal scenery, and we start for this beautiful scenery and efforts.

Success is the beautiful scenery, failure is dry creek.

But no matter how our life ending, I know, used to accompany us through many happy and a lot of stories river never back.

Those beautiful, only in my memory to open to, brook, thank you, thank you once to us all, those in the small river erosion days I will always treasure, I will try my best to let my life become the river left me good scenery.

lorraine Madelinebb人生的写作者精灵古怪神奇的优昙bartlnicholeingnicholeiraminigazellesquirrelbibiloveyoutodatebaby

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Friday, November 02, 2012
Baby and mother secret

His mother be startled at: grandma did anything wrong, worth it?

He answered: what one says is plausible. Grandma violated my privacy. His mother almost laughed out loud. She want to baby 14 years old at most, can have any privacy? She refrained from laughing, ask seriously Xiaobao, grandma is how to invade his privacy Acupuncture and moxibustion.

He complain that, his students to call time, grandma use extension of listening, there is several times, even the classmates in the microphone hear grandmother gasps, make him strange feel shy, do not know and say what good.

Also, the grandmother while he was in school, check his drawer, over his " small exchequer ", want to know what he has many " case-dough " etc.. His mother on his grandmother said: take care of your mother ah, not often at home, my grandmother always has a point not at ease Order flowers online.

He muttered: but, I felt as if I was being monitored, what secret did not have ... ...

His mother was the wordless response. At the age of 14, he already has a " privacy " and " secret " sense of self, she felt the baby grow up, parents of the " care", is it right? Really a problem? His mother think of yourself. At that time she write diary every day. His grandmother is her mother, often when she wasn't at home, open the drawer check her diary. When she found her in the dark, " peep " himself, in the heart really angry. Writing is his talk to yourself, write down your heart little secret, if you know someone will see, will write some words and lies. But she also dare not say to my mother, so it would be mother scolded. She think it over and over again, want two good idea in her diary book page, written in red ink to a line of characters: " who read my diary, who is a dog ", make three exclamation point. This fancy rebellion, got her wishes with opposite results: irritated mother, except that she wrote no respect for their review books, also regularly check her diary became home to a " system " fixed. From her mind became a family open "secret ". In her diary writing increasingly shorter, finally became a weather reportTraumatic"... ...

His mother thought here, think at present the most important is not to let this thing happened in his body. He gently on his say: your secrets, tell my mother? You make an ambiguous statement said: in fact, I have no secret, I just, just like that kind of feeling, that his own heart, there is a little secretOnline florist.

His mother know. She took his hand and said: come, we go to grandma say sorry, then the grandmother said: " grandma, do you believe me. "

Baby by refused to go, he said to his mother: actually, my grandmother if really believe me, maybe I will put their little secrets to her. Secret too good not to know, is also very uncomfortable ... ...

His mother laughed, she said I have to go and have a look my game, who can do a share with you the secret. He nodded. He thought, if want to let Grandma believes himself, he must first believe grandmother.

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