Entry: Drive a little yellow flower bright Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pink morning light softly extend into the living room curtains, window down a bowl of green "stone flower" in Sunshine exposure is more vibrant domestic helper.
In fact, she's just a nameless little flower, I couldn't help but take home, what some call the "glass flowers" was called "stone flower", and I like to call it the latter, because she looks elegant, elegant and fragrant. She is silently growing up in my house, with my whole days spent in, feel my emotions, I often touch the tender leaves into think about, throw her on the roadside, perhaps wouldn't find out she is so today is green and luxuriant. Thought she was just a bowl of small potted plants, but one day, she was out of the beautiful little yellow gorgeous and unique scoliosis.
Dream, the years went on. How many things there are in the pages of time evolved gradually, in a journey that we don't see them, cherish today all right, don't worry about personal gains and losses, we also kept the lost gains and hopes for the future, I believe that tomorrow the Sun will certainly be even more brilliant ... ...


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