Entry: Avoid open daydream dream Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Normally, Sunday is good time to fill the night, no late shackles of the shackles, and don't have to worry about someone laughing at your laziness Qatar property.

My sleep is often not common sense. At six o'clock in the morning of a wave suddenly hit the shady, disturbed, had to open my XING song sleep, first thing is like a mist of soft yarn, under the wind blows, it is like a pebble thrown down pop music takes in the Lake ripples seem absent. I'm not yet out of chaos, but after this scene, the surviving visitors will be a little bit split over temperature. But at this point and there is a strong wind involved, soft yarn as in high frequency operation of smooth silk loom, making gentle but without losing the strength tremor of sound, rhyme, as from a remote distance of swinging in the wind tearing at the flag Istanbul property.

At this point, my sleepiness had completely subsided.

I reach out and gently brush the veil, all rapidly encroaching on my eyes out the window. Low in the sky darkened backdrop, everything seems to be coated with a layer of cold tones. Once in my mind far away from North to South, was finally ready to gradually cooled.

I wanted to, I think they can look into rice fields farther, but instantly a small space around the eye. Only a down-lined eyes from infatuation to the outside world to pull back. I like frogs, beautiful eyes beyond the reach of pastoral, cannot reach a comprehensive Grand, so had to put away his eyes, frozen in the crawl space I Philippines property price.

Chimian roommate last night were like a baby sleeping in their light and rhythmic breathing, air is making quiet, which was solidified. Perhaps so as not to disturb others dreams, or whether he was in love with the quiet in the early morning. Before you know it, I seem to be caught in a quiet Eddy, started dizzy, I can't awake only once again into the deep and infinite daydream dream.


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