Entry: She's Here! Introducing: Kendra Mae Saturday, March 09, 2013

    7lbs 12oz 20 inches long. All perfectly healthy and doing wonderful.

    I guess I can do a re-cap of yesterday. I mean after all, it was an amazing day!

    We arrived at the hospital at 5am just like we were told. I couldn't sleep hardly a wink that night and so I was up at 2:30 am and just waiting around. I was rather quite nervous and literally almost made myself sick that night. Anyways, we got up to the hospital and right before we even got hooked up to the moniters the nurse said that it wouldn't be at 7 (my c-section) that it would actually be around 9:30am. Erg! Apparently, a lady came in with twins who was 4cm dialated and was a repeat c-section so they had to take her first. Yes, I was upset but then again...that lady and her babies came first and I completely understood.

    Around 7:15 they started prepping me. I was rather confused and said we still have 2 and a half hours what's going on? The nurse told me...no we have less than an hour and your doctor is quick. Sure enough, by 8:15 am, I was in that OR room and ready to go. I remember everything. The spinal block wasn't as bad as I was letting it get to me. The whole procedure wasn't bad to be completely honest. I felt tugging and some pressure and the next thing I knew...we had a baby.

    She didn't cry at first but then screamed the entire time. She is beautiful. Head full of dark brown hair and is a spitting image of her brother! She had to stay extra few hours in the nursery because she couldn't regulate her body temp but now she has been with us. She is a natural at nursing. It's been wonderful. I'm currently trying to wake her and talk about hard waking a sleepy newborn. She has had 6 black diapers and is currently spitting up the fluid she swallowed on her way out. Other than that, she is a perfectly laid back kid!

    Today, is when we told all our friends that they could come up and see her. I suspect it will be a busy day with lots of people in and out. It's pretty amazing what a solid 4 hours can do to a person! Oh it was so nice sleeping on my back again and being able to breathe!

    I will update more pictures later. As for me...I'm gonna try to catch some sleep.


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